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Sonnet Impact Doors:  Tested  and Certified

In order to be labeled impact-resistant, our doors must undergo a rigorous testing procedure. Each impact-resistant door is tested for air and water leakage, structural pressure, forced entry and impact resistance. The door is installed in a testing chamber then a 2x4 stud is shot out of a cannon at the center or corner of the glazing to simulate flying debris. Then, with no repairs or adjustments, the impacted doors are subjected to 9,000 cycles of positive and negative wind loads to certify that the product can still survive.

The tests that are conducted on impact doors determine whether or not the doors are susceptible to air and water leakage. In particular, it incorporates testing against water infiltration based on 15% of design pressure, and against Forced Entry and Static air pressure to 150% of final design pressure.

In a hurricane or other severe weather, the doors are a vitally important line of defense against damage to the people and possessions inside. If the doors cannot withstand strong winds and rain or will crack and splinter when struck by flying debris, they cannot be certified as impact-resistant.

Of course, a mahogany door that can hold up against a hurricane is also going to offer extra protection against forced entry, provide energy efficiency, and superior sound deadness.

Knowing that your loved ones are safe behind a 2 1/4-inch thick Honduran mahogany door can really strengthen your peace of mind. In addition to the strength and energy efficiency of our doors, we don't sacrifice anything in the way of aesthetic appeal.



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